Every room tells a story; to me, the thrill of designing and decorating spaces is the opportunity to understand clients' lifestyles and translate them into spaces that help them live their own unique stories.

I believe that the successful transformation of any space begins with a genuine interest in the clients and in really listening to their needs, wants, budget and vision. With this understanding as a starting point, I apply my expertise and creativity as an interior decorator and designer to produce spaces that are as individual as the clients themselves, yet reflect the common factors of function, beauty and comfort.

As a result of my client-based approach to design I have long-standing relationships with people who work with me over the years as their life stories and home needs evolve.

I invite you to browse my Portfolio for rooms that are as varied as the individuals for whom they were created. For more in-depth stories about some of these projects, and to see how good design can dramatically transform rooms, have a look at the "before" and "after" photos in Makeovers. And in Ideas, I share my solutions to specific design dilemmas and issues.

MaryLynne Meschino
Principal and Designer, Allegro Interiors

CDECA            NKBA

Marylynne Meschino

Contact Information

P: (416) 414-4625
E: marylynne@allegrointeriors.ca

Canadian Decorators' Association Annual Design Competition Awards:

  • 2015 Gold Award: Decorating Under $45,000: Urban Oasis
  • 2014 Silver Award: Kitchens under $50,000;  Bayside Kitchen
  • 2014 Silver Award: Decorating over $45,000;  Penthouse by the Bay
  • 2014 Bronze Award: Decorating under $45,000;  Retreat in the Sky
  • 2013 Gold Award: Commercial;  "The Green Bean" Cafeteria/Lounge
  • 2013 Gold Award: Decorating under $20,000;  First Home Living and Dining Rooms
  • 2013 Bronze Award: Kitchens over $35,000;  Lakeside Condo Kitchen
  • 2012 Gold Award: Decorating under $20,000;  Victorian Transformation Principal Bedroom
  • 2012 Bronze Award: Bathrooms over $25,000;  Victorian Transformation Bathroom and Dressing Room
  • 2011 Silver Award: Challenging Budget;  Global Chic Living and Dining Rooms
  • 2010 Gold Award: Decorator's Dilemma;  Country Cabin Kitchen

National Post - July 16, 2012
The young and the retro: New homeowners call in the pros

Allegro Interiors Toronto Interior Decorating and Design Bedroom

“The word ‘allegro’ in Baroque music means ‘lively and with joy; ‘ that sums up my design experience with MaryLynne. We decided on ‘dramatic’ for my new penthouse design, which included me at every step, together with MaryLynne's positive energy and creative imagination. First-time visitors to my new place comment on how perfectly the decor suits the space and its surroundings. Those are my thoughts every time I step into the glittering foyer- ‘This is me-I'm really home!’” Kathryn

“We were thrilled to have you work with us turning our second floor into a “master retreat.” We appreciated the fact that you took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for in our space. You went beyond our expectations to give us a space we truly love. We found you professional, efficient, open-minded, and creative, with a great sense of style. Thanks to you we now have a space with functionality along with that extra “glam’ added on. Our friends can’t believe you turned our second floor into something so beautiful. We got everything we wished for and more.” Kevin & Sara

“I love what you have done in my home and enjoy working with you so much- you have given me exactly what I wanted. Thanks for everything.” Avis

“Your sensitive, professional approach has made changing this space from a condo to a home one of the most pleasurable I can recall. I recommend you to anyone looking for professionalism, talent, attention to detail, respect, creativity, and so much more.”

"I am a big fan of MaryLynne. We have been working with her for six years now. What I like most about her is that she is a very good listener and she "gets" us. What I mean by that is she's not trying to impose her style but is working with "our" style. Another strong point is that her designs age well. We have been very pleased with everything she has done for us and like everything as much now as the first day we got them. We have also been pleased with all the people that she works with- they were all very professional and excellent at their respective crafts." Chantal

“I am enjoying my ‘refreshed’ home very much. The flow of the colours and their balance work so well- enough warmth and cosiness, enough energy and movement, and just enough variation and texture. And all in harmony, as I’ve said I wanted. I so appreciate your wonderful ability to listen, to see the possibilities beyond what I could see and then translate it all into a pleasing whole that reflects our unique family personality.” Melinda

Allegro Interiors Toronto Interior Decorating and Design Bathroom