Office Surprise

Although my focus is residential decorating and design, I enjoy redecorating workplace offices. So often they are drab places devoid of soul or personality. It is an interesting challenge to work within company boundaries to bring some life to a generic office.

The office below had no windows to the outside world, and a tall blank wall that, according to company policy, couldn’t be repainted in a different colour. The office was occupied by a gentleman of great warmth and spirit, who loved the outdoors. I decided to bring the great outdoors to him by mounting a giant mural of a forest scene onto nine canvases. I spaced the canvases apart so that they filled up the empty wall and created the illusion of looking out of a multi-paned window.

By positioning the desk at the other end of the office facing the mural, I gave my client a window on the natural world that he can enjoy every time he looks up from his desk!