Design Stories

Inspirations that make spaces truly unique come from many places. Take a look at the stories behind some of my designs.

Pet Power

Can a family pet inspire the décor of a sophisticated living room?

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From Obstacle to Inspiration

Sometimes a problematic feature in a room, like a dining room, can become an asset.

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Tile Tales

The extravagant, gorgeous tile work I have encountered in my travels, particularly in Spain and Portugal, is truly inspiring.

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Art Speaks

When a client expresses love for a specific possession, I listen. Inspiration can lie anywhere and enhance a living room.

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Listen to the House

Even when an older home is being totally renovated, I believe there are lessons to learn from its history that can be used in the kitchen.

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The Beauty of Nature

The exterior landscape of a house often provides me with inspiration for the interior.

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Gallery Space

I like to feature my clients’ artworks where they can be enjoyed from various vantage points, like in this stylish kitchen.

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The Perfect Thing

I am always on the look-out for unique touches to complete a dining room in a personal way.

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